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  • Yetunde Bamisile

    Ms. Bamisile grew up in New York city. She graduated with a Bachelor of science in psychology and earned a master’s degree in social work at Yeshiva University. Ms. Bamisile began in the field of social services working with children and their families in the child welfare system where she contributed to the wellbeing of children affected in the system and assist them in gaining permanent placement or reunification with their families. She later worked with children who experienced mental health crisis with the Children’s mobile crisis for several years where she assisted the individuals in crisis de escalate, stabilize, and connect them to ongoing services.

    Ms. Bamisile is passionate about contributing to the welfare of individuals and families. Especially adolescents who struggle with emotional regulation, anger, family conflicts, depression/anxiety, and suicidal ideations. She has an expertise in helping individuals with developing effective communication skills and resolving personal and family conflict between individuals and their parents. She utilizes therapeutic techniques that allow individuals to process their feelings and work on acceptance while capitalizing on their strengths to meet their respective goals. 

     Ms. Bamisile believes in the importance of self-care therefore she prioritizes spending time with her family and friends in her free time. She also enjoys taking walks and listening to music. This allows her to bring her best self to her work with her clients.