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  • Individual Therapy

    Are you looking for a therapist with whom you can both CONNECT and LEARN concrete skills to help you in your daily life?

    We are a practice of mental health clinicians who are dedicated to working side by side with you on your journey towards healing and wellness.

    The first meeting is usually about 1 hour in length. We will discuss your history, your current life situation and your own motivations and goals for therapy.

    Ongoing therapy sessions are approximately 45 minutes in length.  We offer three options to best meet your needs. You will determine which is best for you during your first meeting:

    Goal Oriented: 4-6 meetings focused on one goal

    Phase of Life Adjustments/Changes: 6-16 meetings to explore 2 or 3 goals.

    Relationship and Overall Life Changes: 16+ meetings to work in depth on desired changes to self, relationships and other areas in life.