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    Life Changes

    “The only thing constant is change.”

    ~ Heraclitus, Greek philosopher

    Have you recently experienced a major life event such as a death, ending of a relationship or a change at work? Are you having a hard time moving past your feelings about the event? Do you feel completely stuck?

    In life, we are often presented with challenges. At times, these events, even the positive ones, can leave us feeling unsettled and chronically stressed.

    Common Life Transitions

    Some of the most common life transitions we help clients navigate are:

    • Moving to a new city/town
    • Adjusting to university life or your first professional job
    • Getting married
    • Having a baby
    • Parenting
    • Breakup, separation or divorce
    • Retirement
    • Job loss or major change in career
    • Serious illness or disability
    • Issues pertaining to aging
    • Death of a loved one

    Is it Time to Seek out Support?

    Sometimes we can handle change on our own and sometimes we need some additional support to get through. Connecting with a therapist can be helpful in that we provide a nurturing space where you can speak candidly and receive gentle guidance. If you or someone in your life is struggling with a life change and would like to explore treatment options, contact us to schedule an introductory meeting.