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  • Assessments

    We are experts in helping you in figuring out the

     WHY and HOW?


    WHY am I struggling to get things done?

    WHY am I so moody?

    WHY does it take me longer to complete tasks than others?

    WHY do I run out of time when I take tests?

    WHY do I have difficulties managing basic life skills such as eating, sleep/wake routine, etc?


    We will help you with the HOW:

    HOW do I complete tasks efficiently?

    HOW do I manage my moods?

    HOW do I get the additional time that I need on tests?

    Assessments can help to find out the answers to the questions above and a lot more.

    We are currently providing two different types of assessments:

    Psychological Assessments  – We will complete a thorough history, symptom ratings and standardized testing. We can find out together if you have a diagnosis, such as ADHD, Learning Disability, Depression, Anxiety, and come up with recommendations for what to do next.

    Nutritional Mental Health Assessments – We can conduct a thorough history and discuss concrete strategies and referrals.


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